For a few years we ran a wine blog through this domain.  It started as a way to document the wines we were trying.  The idea was just that if/when we were having a dinner party we could use the information to pick a good wine.  

But what ended up happening is people on the internet finding our blog, commenting, thanking us for the helpful info.  I guess they liked how we did the reviews.  So we ended up increasing the frequency of reviews, throwing tasting parties, you name it.  Even though we never advertised we ended up with about 50,000 unique visitors PER DAY.  Wine producers began contacting us and sending us wine to review!  We really enjoyed this ride.  

Eventually life got in the way and we had to stop doing it.  Finally, we accept that we’re never going to go back to it, so, we’re selling the domain name.  Name your price, have a go at it!  We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.  🙂

What’s in a name?  DeCantStopTasting is a way to say “They Can’t Stop Tasting” – wine tasting to be more specific.  Wine tasting is certainly an addiction!